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50 SHADES OF BLACKAfrican American Sex Symbols & the Complexity of Skin Tone
Due to your positive response to this piece, the domain has been developed to further advance the conversation.
(originally posted 05/18/2012)
My latest art piece is fashioned in the style of a book cover.  Its title (most certainly) and its subject matter (very loosely) are the result of a creative play on the very popular contemporary novel Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James.
Now that the art/cover is created, it’s time to write the book.  This is where you come into play.  While this subject could very easily lead to a book written by a sole individual, I am interested in a conversation…in a dialogue.  I’d like for that dialogue…those contributions from you to be the basis of the manuscript.
Share with me your responses to this piece.  It may be in the form of quick comments, reflections, essays, personal stories, anecdotes, memories of things you heard your mama say about Billy Dee Williams, etc.  Over time, I’ll organize, synthesize, group, copy and paste these comments into a document with the goal of ultimately producing a FREE downloadable e-book and printed book of your contributions to the topic.  It’s a book written on the Internet by Internet users.  Just like any other piece of art, it’s open for interpretation. 
Who knows how this will go?  I don’t.  I don’t even know if it has ever been done before.  But I am very curious what you have to say…and something tells me other people are too. 
Let’s talk.
African American Sex Symbols & the Complexity of Skin Tone
 Conceived and Designed by Carlton Mackey – Written by You
Due to your positive response, the domain has been purchased and is being developed to continue to build the conversation!
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